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Dancu Law Firm is a Naples, FL, law firm offering personal attention on every case. Our firm has more than 40 years experience in Florida with focus specifically on family law and legal services in Naples and Ft. Myers. When you're dealing with a family law matter, you might think that you can handle the issues involved on your own. However, family law is complicated and you may create additional problems without the experience and knowledge necessary to apply current legal standards to your case. Attempting to correct issues left unaddressed at trial or mediation after the fact can be complicated. That's why we're here to provide the legal information and experience you need for divorce, child custody, child support, alimony and other family law legal services.

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We offer a 30 minute consultation with reasonable rates and it's easy to schedule an appointment with us. We can provide assistance regarding a variety of legal issues, including:

When you need local representation from a dependable Naples or Ft. Myers, FL lawyer, get in touch with the David A. Dancu Law Firm for assistance. Speak with Mr. Dancu’s Paralegal today to schedule an appointment.

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  • I recently got divorced and I live in a different state, which makes it very difficult. David did a great job informing me of my options and let me know what is coming up in the future. He is not some hot head jerk of a lawyer, he lets you tell your story and informs you of your options.
    Divorce Client,
  • I have been working with Attorney Dancu for over a year now and would highly recommend him. He is the only attorney I've ever worked with that truly is concerned with keeping his clients informed with accurate information. I've had other attorneys that took weeks to get a return phone call from, but with him that has never been an issue. He is always quick to respond and assist with any concerns. I also genuinely believe he cares about his clients, which is a rarity these days.
    Child Custody Client,
  • Mr. Dancu was knowledgeable, supportive and responded quickly to my inquiries. On the overall I would always recommend him as he was accessible, professional and human--I could trust him and rely on his service. I have dealt with other lawyers in the past and they were never there to support me, it felt like they were only there for the money, while with Mr. Dancu it was very different. He is there for you and your questions and has all the answers for you. I would definitely recommend him.
    Divorce Client,
  • Our experience with Mr. Dancu has been exceptional, his knowledge has been remarkable. He has kept us informed through out our process, speaking to us and explaining to us in a way that we could understand the the legalities and grammar used by the legal system. He has been compassionate to our situation and has been passionate about his work on our case. We appreciate all he has done for us.
    Child Custody Client,

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